Process Optimization

Our Organization Development is an objectives based approach to systems change within an organization.

As an organization scales up, its essential processes will inevitably increase in complexity. Decision makers find themselves with more factors and angles to consider, more responsibilities to juggle and, if they aren’t careful, an upsurge in silo thinking as individuals focus more on their own goals and priorities.
Needless to say, this kind of situation is extremely counterintuitive, and not just when pursuing large scale projects. Even day to day operations can needlessly drain time and resources when employees fail to grasp the big picture. You could find that your business is hemorrhaging resources and dragging work out, and you’d struggle to find out why.
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standardized graphical language designed to display complex business processes in an accessible visual format. A BPMN diagram will present activities, gateways, events and flows (each with their own variations) in a way that simplifies any and all processes. Not only does this provide a much greater level of clarity when looking at operations from a management point of view, but it can also enable employees to understand how valuable their work is in pursuing shared objectives. We offer practical BPMN training session to organizations to create a common process based language to enhance transparency and productivity. We also help you to define new performance indices for the purpose of work measurement and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities across your company.

June 2024